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Dark under eye circles with make-up!

First impressions are extremely important- like it or not our appearance is a huge part of how other people judge us. Eye bags or dark circles make you look more tired and older than you are. You can show the world the vibrant girl CONCEAL them! Keep reading to learn how to apply makeup those dark circles! There are two types of decorative products that you will need:

use of concealer and foundations

  1. Contrasting Products: Mascara and eyeliner highlight the beauty of your eyes and draw attention away from the mild discoloration of your dark under-eye circles.
  2. Concealing Products: There are complex moisturizers, foundations, and Concealers that directly minimize the appearance of dark weathered circles by masking discoloration.

STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE: How to Use the cosmetics:

STEP 1- Apply Foundation and Moisturizer. By mixing your base before applying it an appearance can be accomplished.

STEP 2- Tilt your head down so the darkness beneath your eyes is very obvious from the mirror.

STEP 3- Apply your concealer to the bottom, shadowed part of the bags. Bear in mind that less is more! Blend a little bit of concealer with your finger into your skin. Keep the line below the tote the brightest in order to decrease the skin and shadow tone looks.

Note: Pick a light reflective best concealer for asian skin that is only a shade lighter than your foundation or that is easy to blend.

STEP 4- Apply eye liner which is darker than your eye. A will create any shadows look noticeable.

STEP 5- Apply mascara that produces dark lashes that will not draw attention but also accentuate your beauty that is female and increase your appearance.

The point is tone. Each person has a skin coloring that is tricky to replicate in foundations and foundations. Using the colors will lead in that garish appearance that is undesirable. This will take a little time and experimentation. Try as many colors with an eye towards finding the ideal tone. Get some help that is reliable in this, because an additional set of eyes can see clearer.